SMASH*ing Thursday: Red Smash

It was about time that I updated my *Red Smash Book*, ha? ;-)

So here are a few pages that I worked on recently...

The first pic is the new cover of my red Smash (I'll get into the details later on!)...

Second pic is a *Self-Portrait* page (don't I look cute? hahaha *just kidding*)...

And the third one is an old pic of my boys when they were younger (I just love this pic of them!).

Now about the book cover...

The truth is that I tried to color (decorate) the original cover, but I messed up badly... so I decided to cover the whole thing up. But then I decided that I didn't like how it looked at all, so I went back and changed the whole thing again.

So here's the updated version... and even though I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned out (*again*), it's *definitely* going to stay as it is!

So lesson learned: next time, if you don't know what you're doing, then keep the original cover intact ;-)

Now... what's next on the list?

  • Cover <--done
  • Goals <--done
  • "I had a dream..." <--done
  • Self-portrait <--done
  • Photo collage <--done
  • Random things
  • Magazines & clippings
  • Write a letter
  • How I spend my days
  • Quotes
  • My favorite things
  • Remembering the past
  • Around the house
  • 5 things about me
  • Love is...
  • Being silly / Just because
  • Favorite places
  • A song
  • Shopping
  • Faith
  • Some things never change
  • And at nights...



  1. Hi Yani! I didnt know you had a new blog and only found out by accident! Thanks to Kellie :) I've been missing out! It is STUNNING BTW :) Love your smashing!
    Hugs Kylie xx

  2. Yani, eres super Smashing Girl! je je!!!.. gracias por tu continua inspiraciĆ³n. Love it!
    Abrazos, Sony "Smashing Lady" ;-)

  3. Love this! Great page ideas.



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