SMASH*ing Thursday: Mini Smash Book

Hi everyone,

It's SMASH*ing Thursday again! :-)
(Yeah... I know... it's almost Friday! LOL!)

Today I want to share with you a *Mini Smash Book* that I've been working on...

The pics are self-explanatory... but basically I'm using this Mini Smash Book as a photography journal/reference book, where I jot down tips, tricks, camera settings, etc. Even quotes to inspire me! ;-)

To make the cover, I simply painted chipboard letters with black acrylic paint (let it dry of course!) and then adhered them to the cover with glue. For the rest of the pages I used washi tape, tag pockets, phone card, stickers, tabs, and lots of doodling. Really, so easy and so much fun to make!

Now on a side note... have you seen CHA's previews in regards of these Smash Books? If not, then take a look at this video:

So~so cool! I just can't wait for these to be released so I can get myself a few of these "toys"...LOL!

Well I guess that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. So Cool!!! I'll try later!!

  2. A mi me encanta todo esto del Smash y sigo con eso de hacerlo yo misma y tengo todo para hacerlo, grande y pequeños (pues tengo otras ideas en mente)... la musa me bajo como para darle paso a lo que deseo, asi que a esperar un rato mas para ver que finalmente hago para comenzar je je!
    Gracias por tu inspiración siempre.
    Abrazos, tu amiga Sony "Smashing-Lady" :-)

  3. Sonia quiero ver algo tuyo. Yani q a la verdad se bota sembrando creatividad en nuestro subconciencia!!!


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