It's a SMASH Challenge

Hey everyone,

My friend Kelly and FB page SMASH*aholics is sponsoring a super fun 24-Hour SMASH Challenge.

And yes, there will be prizes too!!! :-D

There will be different challenges though, but this one is about using either one of these: twine, lace, ribbon, fabric. So here's what I did:

Super easy and super fun! :-D

Now hurry up, as these challenges last only 24 hours... and they'll run through the entire weekend.

Visit us here:

Happy Smashing!!

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9 comentarios

  1. looks great yani!
    i don't think i'll be joining this challenge yet..maybe the next!
    btw, you folded the page on the right side right?! i think it's cool that you can see the next page..adds a bit of color!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute!!

    Totally smashed that challenge ;P

  3. This is so cute! Love the idea of folding over the corner it gives some cool dimension and I like that you post it on your blog besides the group. Props to you!

  4. Love the cute photos and the pretty colours and the folded corner is so cool!

  5. So cute yani! Feel free to check mine out if you like. We have 2 different styles :)

  6. Hola amiga
    Te envie msg por FB por tu cumpleaños, ahora por aqui.. Espero que hayas pasado lindo dia, que sigas adelante con todo tu hermoso trabajo y siga creciendo tu creatividad.
    Tus Smash Pages me encantan, gracias por tu inspiración.
    Cariños, tu amiga Sony

  7. Amiga, miss you and your creations! Everything ok?
    Hugs, Sony

  8. Yani, I absolutely LOVE these two pages!! Do you remember by chance where you found the letters that you used for the word "cupcake" and the flower flag above it? That combo together is so adorable :) I would love to hear from you...



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