If you're following me via Google Friend Connect...

...note that as of March 1st, this feature will disappear! :-(

It also means that all of the blogs that I follow using Google Friend Connect and Google Reader, will no longer appear in my Google Reader, unless I add them manually to the "Subscribe" option in Google Reader.

So if you're following me... and don't want to miss my updates... you have then three options:

1) In Google Reader, hit the "Subscribe" red button at the left side of your monitor and type my blog's URL and then hit "Add", so you can keep receiving my updates via Google Reader.

2) Add your email address to the "Follow by Email" option located in the right column of my blog -->.
This way you'll receive all of my updates via email.

3) Follow me via "Linky Followers", located also in the right column of my blog. -->


This is truly a pain in the a*&^!! As I loved to use Google Friend Connect via Google Reader :-(
So let's keep our fingers crossed that these options work out for all of us bloggers.

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