~SMASH-ing Thursday~

Hi everyone,

It's Thursday... and that means it's *Smash-ing Thursday*!!

Instead of a page, I wanted to share with you the cover of one of my Smash Books...

(lousy picture I know!)

It's OK to decorate them... specially if you don't like the original cover.

Like me, for example, I bought the red Smash, but didn't like much the cover...

so I covered it with patterned paper and chipboard letters (which I colored with Acrylic Paints). It's simple, but it works for me ;-)

Now, I've been asked "what can I 'smash' in my Smash Book?"

Well, after brainstorming for a while... and gathering ideas from "here and there", I compiled a few ideas that I hope you find useful:
  • An All About Me book
  • A Love book
  • Quotes, Poems, Favorite Phrases
  • A Daily Journal about your "everyday" life
  • Travel & Places you visit
  • Drawings & Mixed Media creations
  • Pets <-- why not? ;-)
  • A Scrapbook
Just so you know, my pink Smash is an "All About Me" book... and this red one is like a "Daily Journal" and is totally inspired in Ali Edward's December Daily Project. Here's the list of the topics that I came up with and am planning on following through my entire Smash Book:
  • Cover <--done
  • Goals
  • "I had a dream..."
  • Self-portrait
  • Photo collage
  • Random things
  • Magazines & clippings
  • Write a letter
  • How I spend my days
  • Quotes
  • My favorite things
  • Remembering the past
  • Around the house
  • 5 things about me
  • Love is...
  • Being silly / Just because
  • Favorite places
  • A song
  • Shopping
  • Faith
  • Some things never change
  • And at nights...

If you know of more themes and ideas, please email me. I'd love to hear about them and then share them with everyone else ;-)

Have a great day!!

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