From My Photo Lab: A Visit to the Zoo!

Hopefully I'm not the only one who likes to visit the zoo...

Yes, the place is stinks! :-s I had to shower right after I got home...LOL!  But it's like entering to another world... to another dimension.

There's so much beauty to see... beauty that you don't see every day.

The animals are simply amazing, and it makes you realize how many great things are out there that you're missing out!



  1. Hola amiga!
    A mi me encanta ir a los "Zoo" aunque siempre hay un mal olor je je!
    Otro sitio que me gusta visitar es los Jardines Botanicos, siempre buscamos alguno cuando viajamos.
    Aca en PR he ido a los dos, cada uno es bien diferente.
    Gracias por las hermosas fotos.
    Disfruta tus dias de vacaciones, je je!

  2. love the zoo pics, especially the giraffe and tiger.


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