SMASH*ing Thursday: A Bloody Page

Yesssss... I made another page!!!

And since the new season of True Blood just started, I used the excuse to create a *bloody page*... LOL!

My printer ran out of color ink, so I had to print these out in b&w...

Still I think it looks cool in b&w, since it's a *vampire* theme and well... you know... it's kind of dark and gothic ;-)

Anyway, in this page is Sheriff Eric Northman and Alcide... total *hotness* ;-) And in this other...

OK more Eric...LOL! And Sookie and Bill too ;-)

I still need to practice more my Smashing skills, but in the mean time I'm keeping it simple.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Que tienes q practicar, si tus paginas me encantaron, me inspiran!

  2. LOVE!! Great pages Yani! :) Eric and Alcide are super yummy!!


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