SMASH*ing Thursday: SMASH*ing a Calendar

So recently, my friend Sonia commented on this *Calendar Challenge*...

and how cool it would be to make our own calendar pages in our art journals.

And so it made me think... first--what a great idea! and second, it'll also look so cool in a Smash Book :-D

Sometimes we run out of ideas... or simply don't know "what" to Smash! So a daily calendar is a good excuse to put the Smash Book's pages in action ;-) And the good thing is that you do in whatever you want... journal, doodle, stamp, etc. You name it! :-D

Since January already started, I decided to start this challenge in February 1st. Now all I have to do is sit and develop my calendar ;-) Here's the link to get you started in it:

So what do you say? Will you join me (and The Kathryn Wheel) too?

Oh guess what? My good friend Kellie invited me to join the FB group SMASH*aholics... (she actually dragged me to join the group, but don't tell her that I told you, ok? Sssshhhh!! LOL!)... and even though it's a small group (for now, as it keeps growing each day!), the ladies are real talented and we share many great ideas that you can use to work on your Smash Book and Art Journal too ;-) So if you're in Facebook and would like to join, simply follow this link and ask to join:

See you soon!!

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2 comentarios

  1. Amiga, mil gracias por mencionarme en tu blog, un honor.
    Que bueno que la idea que envie te sirvio para tu Smash, de eso se trata de cada cual hacer su propia idea, me gusto que tu la trabajste en tu Smash Book... Bravo!, esta super fabuloso.
    Ya pronto subire lo que he trabajado, estoy como hormiguita je je!
    Gracias por tu inspiraciĆ³n.

  2. Love your calendar pages, fabulous!


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